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Clare Edmead Photography offers a range of workshops from beginners to advanced.  

Don't have a DSLR camera but want to hone your compact or smartphone camera skills - then we also offer a Smartphone Photography Workshop for free in resort.


This is a group workshop for up to 10 people where we'll show you the basic of creating a great photo.  Specifically focussing on settings, composition and light.


This is for all those people that have a D-SLR, but don’t really know how to use it! We go through all the different features and settings on your camera (don’t worry if you left it at home as you can borrow one of ours) and learn how to set up shots manually (instead of shooting on automatic/program modes). We normally start this session at the bar, and then head to the beach to put everything we’ve learnt into practice. We go through different scenarios and consider how this impacts on the settings you choose. We recommend doing this at the start of your holiday, and we will continue to give you tips throughout the week.


Do you know how to take good landscape shots, but perhaps you’re not very confident with group photos? Do you mainly work with natural light, but you would like to master your off-camera flash? Master classes are tailored to meet your needs, and will depend on the specialisms of the photographers at your centre. They are a great way to try something different in a great location!


BOOK YOURS NOW; Send us a message or let ask our in resort photographers when you arrive

*Minimum and maximum sign ups in resort for workshop to run

**Can be delivered 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.