Photography as a medium allows us to preserve a moment. In a fraction of a second, we can freeze time and create a key to a memory that can be cherished forever. The portrayal of emotions such as happiness and wonder, curiosity and serenity show the bonds that families share with one another. These expressions are strongly connected to a certain time or place, the person that you are with. Looking at a photograph transports you back to that specific moment, reminding you of how things were and always there for you to reflect upon.


We are dedicated to making sure that our portraiture captures families in a way that is unique to them. We will fit in with you and your family’s routines and take time to get to know what you all like to do. There are no time limitations or pressure, creating a comfortable environment; this is the best way to create pictures that reflect who you truly are.




Clare set up her business in 2007, whilst working as a windsurfing instructor in Egypt. She very quickly realised that she was more passionate about photography, and loved the feeling that you get when you capture that special moment.


After spending a year in Egypt specialising in windsurfing photography, Clare moved to Greece. This is where she set up her Greek service and started to offer a sophisticated photography service to Neilson Holidays in their Greek beach clubs. Clare started to invest her time and energy into developing other photographers based across the resorts that we operate in. 


Clare also continues to practice her own photography and offers bespoke family portraiture to new and existing clients through her exclusive brand; Clare Renee.