The benefits of photography jobs abroad

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I am one of those people that fell in love with photography after I had been to University. I am self-taught, and have worked hard to develop as a photographer. I now have a business in the UK, as well as Greece. But it all started with me walking along a beach in Egypt explaining to different hotels what I could offer their guests. Luckily for me, it worked.


If you can find a photography job abroad, then you stand to learn a lot, and have a great time.


First of all, imagine having consistently good weather to shoot in? Bright sunlight all day, everyday, so that you can get familiar with its timetable and plan photography sessions around it. When you are working in the sun, you don’t have to push your camera to its limits and use the widest aperture, or the slowest shutter speed available. You can keep your ISO nice and low, even when shooting sports, giving you lots of freedom to explore different creative effects.


Going to another country and starting again is tough. Whilst it is dependent on where you are based, you are unlikely to have all your home comforts around you and may have to make new friends (which could be essential for the success of your role). This experience will help your personal development, particularly if you are looking to have you own photography business in the future.


When you start any new job, there is always a lot to learn. We take on photographers that may have an extensive portfolio in action photography, but haven’t got much experience in family portrait photography. We want our photographers to use their initiative when they are thrown in at the deep end and relish this opportunity. They can develop their portfolio, which should stand them in good stead for other roles in the future.


Working abroad is fun. You are likely to meet like-minded people, that are normally happy and relaxed because they are on holiday. This makes for a very positive working environment.


No commute! Our photographers are always based close to their work place. This means that you can stroll to work, and may also be able to stroll into town. Not being reliant on public transport means that you can spend more of your day enjoying yourself!


I have loved my time working abroad. From shooting in perfect conditions, to extensively developing your portfolio - there is a lot to learn, but a lot of fun to be had as well. If you can’t find a photography job abroad, then you can always create your own one!


Get in touch if you would like to join one of the Clare Edmead Photography teams in Greece this Summer.


Photography Jobs AbroadPhotography Jobs Abroad


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